How Important Is Outside Support For My Creative Process?

Throughout the years I have had to constantly reevaluate how important outside support is to my creative process. I know that answer varies for each individual artist, but for me it is a factor in my life. Of course, I understand that I am the most important support when it comes to my creative endeavors, but outside support matters to me too. Support for me means that I am surrounded by people who actively engages with me and my work. You don't have to understand my creative process but you should be able to root for my success, and not feel threatened by my ambition or goals while I try to achieve them. In the past, I have been surrounded by people who actively tried to discourage me from chasing my dreams and they would try to actually make it harder for me to create. I have also encountered people who try to diminish what I do as if it is not a real job, but will then turn around and support other creatives and artists that they do not know personally because they are well known, which always baffles me because every artist is unknown until they are known. I wonder why people are so comfortable telling artists that they have no value until you have reached a certain amount of money and fame. It is hugely ironic, since those same people, would be insulted if I insinuated that same thing about them and their life path since the majority of people are not rich, famous, or well known in their field. I always wondered if that type of toxic sentiment comes from a place of jealousy when they see someone having the strength and courage to chase their dreams while they have settled for an unsatisfying career, so, that bitterness causes them to try to tear someone else down who chose differently. They say, " hurt people hurt people", and I find that to be true, but it doesn't mean you have to accept that negativity directed towards you. I had to learn that lesson the hard way. I have had to let people go and separate myself from that toxicity for my mental health. Life is too short and hard enough as it is, so, I find no reason to make it even harder on myself by surrounding myself with people who do not know how to show love and support in a healthy way. That it is why it was so important for me to find a community and to build connections with people who can relate and empathize with me. To form my own family, consisting of supportive friends and allies who can vocalize that support in a kind way. People who don't feel like everything is a competition and doesn't feel like everything I do is a reflection on them and their life choices. People who can love me and my beautifully creative mind just as much as I love and support them in their endeavors. It sounds like such a simple thing to achieve, but, unfortunately, I know of too many creatives who can relate to my struggle.

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