I Am Not My Scars

Updated: Nov 14

Colorful Acrylic Abstract Figurative Canvas Painting by LaToya Cole (Toya's Tales)
I Am Not My Scars by LaToya Cole 2022

The evolution of a painting is an interesting process. I initially thought I finished this painting in 2007. Back then, it was a simple minimalistic painting of a nude woman for my personal collection.

The original painting in 2007 before it was reworked.

One day a few months ago, I was looking at it and decided that the painting had more of a story to tell, so I began the process of reworking it into my latest creation.

The first step in the reworking process

First, I had to decide how I wanted to convey the overall message of healing and finding yourself after dealing with life's trials and tribulations. I wanted the outside shapes surrounding the figure to represent healing energy. There is also an intentional rip in the lower abdomen of the figure to represent a scar.

Part of the reworking process

I also knew that I wanted the finished product to pulsate with vibrant energy and a regenerative spectrum of colors. An array of beautiful colors would bring the painting to life.

I Am Not My Scars by LaToya Cole.  An Acrylic Abstract Figurative Canvas Painting.
The finished painting after being transformed with color. " I Am Not My Scars " by LaToya Cole. 2022

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